Science And Spoken Emotions – A Brilliant Dialectic

It is important to be aware that perpetrators of vocal aggression may not realize that their use of intonation, voice-volume, and word-speed are inappropriate. Therefore, organizations need to consider the interventions they may utilize to address excessive vocal aggression in the workplace. Although a variety of approaches are currently used, ranging from ignoring the issue to terminating the employee (Mirza, March, 2012), most of these interventions fail to correct the central issue.


  • Mirza, B. (2012, March). Bullying, violence continue in the workplace, survey finds. SHRM. Retrieved from


a psychological contract, which refers to the set of unwritten expectations concerning the relationship between employees and between an employee and an employer (Galanaki & Papalexandris, 2013, p. 3). The nature of the psychological contract in the employment relationship influences whether a particular verbal exchange is considered vocal aggression.


  • Galanaki, E., & Papalexandris, N. (2013). Measuring workplace bullying in organisations. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24(11), 2107-2130. doi:10.1080/09585192.2012.725084

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