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John Werner

I hear the thinking behind spoken words. Can you?

YES, YOU CAN! I promise. Sound messages are the Final Frontier in spoken communication; They are the foundation in the art of talking. We know about body language, facial expressions, eye language, but no one had labeled how we say what we say as a sound message, until January 2nd of 2012. That is the date Sound Messages came to me at week 1 of 4 weeks dedicated to linguistic learning in 2012.


In our professional, personal, and public lives our sound messages matter. Decisions of whom we work for, whom we work with, and who works for us are made based on how we say what we say – our sound messages. A sound message is the volume, tone, and word-speed plus silence, and all other sounds coming from our mouth and throat while we speak.

I am fascinated by the sound of languages. Particularly, how our sound messages are a ComPletely separate language. Sound messages will support the words, be neutral to them, or completely detract from them. Our sound messages are clues to ourselves and help us manage our spoken words, especially with feedback from others. Sound messages reveal our emotions and the emotions of others. They are critical clues needed to manage our relationships with others. Sound messages reveal who we are and must be known to manage all spoken relationships.


My goal is to teach you how to use sound messages to listen deeply to yourself, your family, your friends, your peers and employers, your employees, and those you meet in public spaces.

On Sound Ground,


Founder & President

A Special Thanks to the Pioneers of Our Industry

Dr. Daniel Goleman published “Emotional Intelligence” in 1995. I knew it was significant. I recommend listening to his audio version.

Dr. John Gottman describes certain tones (i.e., certain sound messages) he listens for in couples he counsels. Some tones are good to use and some are not good to use. They are now labeled and learnable!

Dr. Travis Bradberry wrote “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” with Dr. Jean Greaves. Its purpose is to increase your EQ.

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