I hear the thinking behind spoken words. Can you?

YES, YOU CAN! I promise. If you can hear a tapping noise within an engine running or if you can hear individual instruments within an orchestra, you can hear the thinking behind the words spoken around you. The clues are in the speaker's volume, tone, and speed of his or her words. When we tune our ears to listen deeply to these three clues, we hear conversations in greater detail.


I am fascinated by the sound of languages. Particularly, I concentrate on how "the way we say our words" (our Sound Messages) is a separate meaning from the words spoken. In fact, they are a ComPletely separate language. This separate language will support the words, be neutral to them, or completely detract from them. Our Sound Messages are clues to ourselves and help us manage ourselves, especially with feedback from others. Sound Messages reveal our emotions and the emotions of others. They are clues to manage our relationships with others. Sound Messages reveal the "who we are," the "why we are," the "who they are," and must be known to manage any and all spoken relationships.


My goal is to teach you how to use Sound Messages (the way we say our words) to listen deeply to yourself, your family, your friends, your peers and employers, your employees, and friends you have not met yet.

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