• John Werner

OD Intervening on the Volume, Tone, and Speed of Words

In Mechanical Design Engineering, a simple design has greater value than a complicated design. Simple products are easier to analyze for strength and integrity and safety. They are easier to manufacture and less costly to market and sell. Customers understand them faster and appreciate simply designed products better than products that are unnecessarily complicated.

Simple interventions also have greater value than complicated ones for similar reasons. They are easy to learn and train for, and easier to understand and implement even in a harsh environment. To understand your peers at a deeper level and to have a "tool" ready to diffuse an angry workplace conversation, a simple intervention is ideal. Focusing on the volume, tone, and speed of spoken words and using that knowledge to deeply understand your peers and using it to diffuse an angry workplace conversation is a simple intervention. It may seem trivial to some or even challenging to others to keep track of three more items on top of the words spoken, but it becomes easier the more often you practice. Easier in the same way riding a bicycle and driving a car with a manual transmission becomes simple to do the more often you do it.


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