• John Werner

4 Stages to Learn Sound Messages

There are four stages to learn Sound Messages:

Stage One - Not knowing Sound Messages and not able to speak it or talk of it.

Stage Two - Knowing Sound Messages and cannot speak it or talk of it.

Stage Three - Knowing Sound Messages and can speak it or talk of it, but must think of each part.

Stage Four - Knowing Sound Messages and can speak it and talk of it without thinking.

Sound Messages is our first language. It's what we spoke to our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, and care-givers before we learned words. It is the language of the non-word stage of speaking any other language. We can copy tonal patterns (the patterns sounded by a kazoo) in a language first before we can speak it. These tonal patterns are the main body of Sound Messages. All other non-word sounds we make with our mouth and throat complete the total Sound Message.

It's odd we need to relearn a language we first spoke, but since there has been no formal way to learn it, it's understandable that it was lost in the years of our growing up. This critical meaning of what we say was lost when we went from orally oriented societies to written oriented ones. It was not written down with the words.

The first phase to get Sound Messages out in the world is to reach out to others and share what I know about Sound Messages. While I am the expert on Sound Messages, think of me more as you would an English teacher who knows the language very well and can speak it and write it perfectly at times, but not all of the time. It's just too much data to be conscious of and process twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three-hundred sixty-five days a year.

This will be a time of finding others who want to know about Sound Messages, finding those who need help with their Sound Messages (I'm looking in the mirror on that one...), finding those who already know much about Sound Messages, but not by the name of Sound Messages (linguists, singers, professional speakers, etc.). Once we all call it by the same name, we can tame it, practice it, share it, teach it, and protect ourselves from abuse by it.

Where are you in your learning of Sound Messages? I'm in Philadelphia, PA to learn how to connect with readers of my blog and website. I'll have more to say tomorrow night after the workshop begins.


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