• John Werner

The End of My Improvised Sabbatical

My sabbatical began in September of 2016, twenty weeks after my job ended in April. My top level of output was below the top level of my peers, so I was let go. Thus the need to recharge, rethink, redirect, and restore my mind, body, and spirit. I had no plans going into this time off, but I had saved some money for just this occasion. It was time to play that option. The time I spent earning a Master of Science degree placed a heavy toll on me, my wife, my kids, and my career. I was exhausted and flattened like Wile E. Coyote. I've "animated" myself back to full size.

Here are my accomplishments:

1) I've started a new art form and way of thinking based on science. How "we say what we say," our Sound-Messages™, affect every sentence we speak and every spoken word we hear. I was made sensitive enough to hear all of it and tough enough to live through it when I felt it would kill me.

2) I reconnected with my wife and children. We still argue... Alas, it is the biggest driver for me to make a living speaking, training, and sharing all things Sound Messages.

3) I completed a Master's degree. It's ironic, but the Master of Science program I studied (Organization Development) and the cohort I studied it with (class of 2014) trained me to lead us (and sometimes only me) through our recovery from the trauma we experienced going through the hours I was unavailable to my family at home and away on travel.

4) I completed an Associate of Art's degree in Music. Technically it's in General Transfer Studies, but my emphasis was in Music theory and piano lessons. I started it in 1996 when the school had a music program. Unfortunately, their music program ended in 2013.

5) I began to write down "Tonal Language" (1996). Sound Messages, LLC is the beginning of a tremendous amount of work. I will build on the foundation for this cathedral effort until my last breath.

6) I relaxed muscles I didn't know were too tight. They were between my shoulder blades and at the back of my neck. Why would this matter? It changed how I carry my head and placed my ears over my shoulders. This chiropractic change also opened my voice-box and increased the volume of my voice to an operatic level. For over forty years I carried my ears in front of my toes. It takes a conscious effort, but now I hold them over my shoulders often.

John Werner has degrees in Engineering, Music and Organization Development. He practices Sound Messages™ daily.

Have you asked someone to change the volume, tone, or speed of their words? What was the immediate result? Did you notice any change or improvement later? I learn from you, too; please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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